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Lead an Event

Organizing Events for the Wilderness Between

As a collective organization, all members are welcome to propose, design, and/or lead events for the group, but there are certain aspects of an event that the Stewards agree should always be present or in mind:

  1. All persons are welcome. 

    1. Events should be as accessible as possible to as many people of different abilities as possible. Outdoor events should specify the level of difficulty and any notable aspects that may be physically challenging. 

    2. Events should be open to people of any path, even if the particular ritual or topic is specific to one path. Activities that are closed to followers of a certain order or path can occur, but should be rare, explicitly noted, and, as much as possible, able to happen in tandem with other aspects of the event.

      1. i.e. an OBOD or ADOA initiation could happen at a campout where non-members are present, but should be separate and an activity or option should be available to those not participating.

  2. Not all behaviors are welcome. 

    1. People who do not share beliefs or values should still feel welcome to participate in our events, however, actions or behaviors that negatively target or impact any individual, class of people, or other group should be called out.  It must be made clear to the offending person(s) that continued behavior will result in their being asked to leave. 

  3. We are an outdoor and nature-based group. 

    1. The majority of our events are outdoor events. Our goal is, in shorthand, to “worship nature in nature.” Indoor or online events should be focused on learning or deepening our connections with nature, the science or natural aspects of spirituality, spiritual practices focused on nature or the natural world, increasing outdoor skills and familiarity with local flora and fauna, etc. 

  4. Outdoor events should, as much as possible:

    1. Be at a scouted location well-known to the event organizer. Event organizers should be familiar with the trails and are strongly encouraged to review the history of the park/location. 

    2. Include time for a “hydration ritual,” especially during excessive heat or high physical activity.

    3. Suggested, but not required: a land acknowledgement, either in the event description or verbally at the event.

  5. Events should open and/or close with at least one of the following prayers/rituals:

    1. The Prayer of the Open Circle

    2. The Druid’s Prayer

    3. Druid’s Peace Prayer

    4. Sphere of Protection (AODA)

  6. Our circles are always open/soft. Participants can come and go as needed, in a respectful manner. We carry the circle with us throughout our events. 

  7. New event organizers must have a Steward present at the first three events. 

A Path to Stewardship

All members are eligible to become Stewards and the path to Stewardship is through service. Stewardship is the care and maintenance of the organization, and does not grant explicit authority over the group. One path to Stewardship is by leading events. After at least three events and at least nine months of active membership, a member can petition to become a Steward. More information on the Paths to Stewardship is available from any current Steward.

COVID-19 Contingency

During the ongoing pandemic, in-person events should comply with local restrictions, CDC guidance, and common sense about public health and hygiene. This may mean to put a cap on attendance, require masks, social distancing and/or restrict or adjust plans for shared goods. Noting any such restrictions in the event description is recommended. 

Beginning August 2021, the Stewards ask that those attending in-person events be as vaccinated against the coronavirus as is available to them until such a time that the conditions of the pandemic lessen. 

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